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       Bastille Day celebration               brings French fare to                   downtown Oak Park
                                        By STEVE SCHERING 
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​                                          CHICAGO TRIBUNE
                                    JUL 22, 2019 AT 10:00 PM 


Downtown Oak Park's CarefulPeach Boutique, the old fashioned European-style department store, hosted its annual Bastille Day celebration July 20, which included live music from the Radium Swing Band. (Brian OMahoney / Pioneer Press) 

 While attendees of Oak Park’s Bastille Day event Sunday had nothing to revolt against except muggy weather, they exercised their independence by enjoying crêpes and champagne. 
The event, which began more than a decade ago, is hosted annually by CarefulPeach Boutique, 1024 North Blvd. Bastille Day celebrates the July 14, 1789 Storming of the Bastille, which was a turning point in the French Revolution. 


CarefulPeach Boutique, the old-fashioned European style department store in downtown Oak Park, hosted its annual Bastille Day celebration July 20. Teri Foster (from left), Bill Giardini and Gavin Kirk of the Radium Swing Band performed live music at the event. (Brian OMahoney / Pioneer Press) 
This year’s event was celebrated July 20 in Oak Park, and featured Magic Circle’s crêpe truck and live music from the Radium Swing Band. Inside the store, shoppers could purchase special Bastille Day items, including tea towels, solar-powered dancing Napoleon figures and baguette ornaments. 

Karen and Peter Morava, owners of the CarefulPeach Boutique in Oak Park, hosted the shop's annual Bastille Day celebration July 20. (Brian OMahoney / Pioneer Press) 
Owners Karen and Pete Morava called the event “a party for all of our clients and for all of the Oak Park community to celebrate with us.” 
CarefulPeach Boutique opened in 2007 in the Oak Park Arts District before moving to its current location in downtown Oak Park. The store sells a variety of apothecary luxuries, handmade jewelry, accessories, table linens, fine 
tabletop pieces, stationery, gourmet foods, cooking accessories, home décor and more. 


Gustavo Jivaja serves crepes to guests at the CarefulPeach Boutique in Oak Park during the shop's annual Bastille Day celebration July 20. (Brian OMahoney / Pioneer Press) 

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